About Us

Our Story

Smita Jeweler’s (in India, Harilal Lakhamshi Jewelers Pvt Ltd.) history begins in the small town of Anjar, India in 1979. We love our community and the people of Anjar like family. We have been privileged to provide jeweler services to the Anjar community for three generations. Our humble beginnings are deeply ingrained in every part of our business as we aim to provide unique, elegant, and timeless pieces no matter your budget.

Ankit and Heather were married in 2017 but have been together in their story for much longer. Their passion for life, business, and craftsmanship led them to expand Smita to do business in the United States. While the idea for Smita’s web store is a newer concept, Smita Jewelers (has been operating in their hometown of Anjar, India, since 1979. Born out of Ankit’s business acumen and Heather’s eye for design and customer satisfaction – Smita’s online business has opened its unique blend of Indian Tradition & the American Dream to the United States and the world!

The name Smita means ‘ever-smiling lady’ in Sanskirt. Heather chose this name to honor Ankit’s mother, with whom Heather has a deep connection. The Smita name was Heather’s way of grounding the business in its traditional roots and reminding customers that they are our family. 

For three generations, Smita Jewelers has provided unique, affordable, and heirloom-worthy jeweler services. Learn more about what makes us a trusted part of our community and abroad.

Our Mission

Offer high quality fine jewelry at affordable price.

Our Vision

Your Local Jeweler. Online. Be the one stop shop for all your fine jewelry needs.


Proud members of Jewelers Board of Trade. Our promise is to offer our customers products of high quality and do business with high integrity and honesty.

Ankit Soni

Ankit is the business head of our company. His success in India is evident by his long tenure as a business owner, and now he and his wife Heather have brought these same services to the world wide web! Ankit splits his time between the US and India, where he runs the family business. 

Heather Soni

If Ankit is the brains, then Heather is the heart & soul of Smita Jewelers. Heather is a traveling nurse and the creative & customer-focused partner of Ankit by night in her day-to-day job. Heather assists with choosing new designs, vetting potential partners, and otherwise keeping Smita Jewelers focused on the customer. When Heather and Ankit aren’t working, they care for their three dogs.

Why choose Smita Jewelers?

Our long tradition. Our customer-centric philosophy. Our commitment to high-quality products, immaculate customer service, and honesty & trust in every interaction. We understand that behind every piece purchased is a story that we are honored to play a role. Want to find the perfect work – simple or complex, intricate or minimalist—to continue your family’s story? When you choose Smita Jewelers, you’re choosing tradition, excellence, and love. Looking for custom work? Email us at sales@soniusa.com for a free 30 min consultation.